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Explore some projects that we are proud of.

Secondary Plans

On behalf of municipalities and landowners, SGL has led a large number of complex secondary plan projects across southern Ontario that have involved leading large multi-disciplinary teams, extensive public engagement, and a collaborative approach with all relevant landowners, groups and stakeholders.


Our approach focuses on the importance of placemaking and character elements found within different areas, while advocating for principles that encourage vibrant and healthy communities through decisions that are informed by a strong public engagement strategy.

Urban Design Guidelines

In order to provide direction for built form development, as well as public and private realm design, SGL has prepared design guidelines for numerous different municipalities. We have experience in preparing municipal-wide documents that provide a basis for the design of development across entire municipalities, as well as guidelines for specified locations such as secondary plan and greenfield areas, existing downtown areas, and established residential neighbourhoods.


Key elements of these projects have included providing unique and engaging design documents based on a unified vision for each document, ensuring consistency with municipal policy, balancing progressive urban design standards with existing built form and character, and producing documents that are easy to read, understand, and implement.

official plans and policy studies

In response to development trends, growth management, facility planning, and environmental and resource management, SGL has supported municipalities by undertaking comprehensive assessments and studies of current land use planning policies, guidelines and regulations.  SGL has also guided the development of numerous Official Plan reviews and Growth Management studies to ensure that future growth and development is guided by context-based goals and objectives and carried out in line with the public interest of residents and stakeholders.


We place a strong focus on community engagement strategies which are important in the implementation of meaningful plans and growth directives. Our team also works to develop an intimate knowledge of the individual communities we work within, based on past and present experiences, in order to manage unique challenges and opportunities.

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